Submitted by reviewerWEA on Wed, 12/14/2016 - 15:13

Hellloooo Maxx here to tell you about our tour with the amazing Sleigh Bells! We started out journey off in San Diego at the Observatory. It was so insane being able to play there, it was huge! That’s where we met Sleigh Bells for the first time and they were just peachy. Such nice and genuine people, and made us feel so welcomed and comfortable. The show was amazing, and Sleigh Bells was crazy good, it was my first time seeing them.

Our next show was at the Observatory in Orange County. It was so cool being able to play at the OC Observatory as i’ve seen a handful of great shows there. While we were in the green room, Alexis and Derek (Sleigh Bells) came in and just hung out and chatted. They gave us tips and all sorts of advice for playing in certain situations. So nice, so helpful, such good people! The show was amazing yet again.

We then embarked to San Francisco to play our next show. Our air bnb was sick and super roomy. We were supposed to play a show on Tuesday, but Alexis needed to cancel as she had laryngitis. So we got a day off and San Francisco, which was super fun i love the city. We went thrift store shopping and sage got a really sick tattoo. The next day, the gig was moved to another venue to fill the previous night of people who were supposed to come to the cancelled show. That day, November 16th, just so happened to be my birthday! So in the morning we had breakfast, got some tasty pancakes, it was great. Then we hung out more in San Francisco, shopping and pursuing the city. We got to the venue, but they informed us that since it was 21+ we had to leave right after the set which was a bummer. On stage before the last song, everyone sang happy birthday and i got some doughnuts and it was great. One of the best birthdays! Wish i would have been able to see Sleigh Bell’s set, but we couldn’t :/. But Alexis still had laryngitis, but still did an amazing job i was told. It was a great day!

Our next show was in Portland which was about a 12 hour drive, our longest stretch we’ve ever have driven on tour. It was rough but so worth it when we got to Portland. We spent our day hanging out in the city, similar to what we did in San Fransisco; shopping and such. The show in Portland was amazing, my favorite by far, i love Portland. Everyone there was so cool and so nice.

Our Last show was in Seattle. We drove there early in the morning from Portland to have time to hang out in the city. I love the cold gloomy weather so Portland and Seattle were great. We got to go thrifting and eat good food and such. The show was great! it was bitter sweet as it was our last show with Sleigh Bells. Great night, but sad at the same time.

This tour with Sleigh Bells was fantastic and I’m gonna miss it a lot! They’re such nice people and so talented it’s insane. Hope we can tour with them again!

- Maxx Morando