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Europe Tour

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on September 18, 2017 - 6:31pm

   Hey y'all, Sage here! It's September 7th now when I'm writing this and I wanted to give you(whoever is reading this) a little update on all things Regrettes :)

     Personally, I just turned 20 on the 5th, which is crazy to think I've been on this earth for that long. Those who know me well enough know birthdays really aren't a big deal to me, but I'm taking the time to acknowledge what a cool thing it is to have lived 20 years now and to be where I am in life. Im very grateful, to say the least. Grateful for friends and family and for all of you who support The Regrettes and give us the opportunity to live our dreams and tour.
     Can you believe we are leaving for a tour to the UK and Europe in just a week??!!?! That is such a HUGE honor for us and it was made possible by you guys and the amazing SWMRS for believing in us and taking us under their wing. I'm extra stoked for Germany and Ireland. Ireland because its a bucketlist spot for me and I love the faerie lore and the rolling green hills.  But Germany is my happy place. I used to go as a child with my mother and sister or even alone sometimes to visit my family out there. My Opa (grandpa) is the reason I play music really. He's a guitar player and lover of music and he gave me my first guitar and guitar lesson. He still gives me pointers to this day, whether it's music taste or gear talk. All of my family on that side have never seen me perform live, only videos and pictures, so I'm both nervous and excited to finally experience that with them. And duh I'm super excited to meet all of our European listeners! We love talking to you guys at the end of shows and we LOVE food recommendations so please please PLEASE feel free to give us a list of your favorite spots in your area:)
Can't wait to meet you all and to explore your cities and communities out there!
Much love and kisses,
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