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Conan Performance April 11th

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on May 3, 2017 - 2:40pm

CONAN CONAN CONAN! Okay sooooo as some of you already may know, we were on Conan April 11th AND HOLY FUCK what a crazy experience.

We got there wayyyy before i’m ever awake (around 7:30 am) so I was depending on the excitement to keep me awake, which it did. Everyone was so welcoming and nice it was ridiculous and I was scared by how comfortable I felt. The day leading up to the performance consisted of yummmmmmy snacks, massage chairs, picking out outfits, shaking from nerves, hair and makeup, more shaking from nerves, MEETING CHELSEA HANDLER, and oh yeah… school. Luckily my school teacher was pretty sick and just let me do my thing.

Backtrack to the Chelsea Handler thing because, holy cow. Chelsea is one of the most badass, unapologetic women out there today and if you can’t already tell, I LOVE HER! THe fact that we got to perform on the same day as she was a guest is so incredible. When we met her she actually made an effort to ask us questions and not your basic stupid questions but real genuine ones. If you haven’t seen her show you should seriously reconsider some of your life choices and GO WATCH IT!

The moments before we went on were some of the most painfully nerve racking I have ever experienced. I had this rewinding video playing in my head over and over of me fucking up  and I couldn’t stop it no matter what I did. Luckily, that video never became a reality. During the performance itself everything was blurry and I can’t even remember what I was feeling. I can only remember the feeling of pure relief felt afterwards.

After the show, we talked to the big man himself at least three times. Conan was so goddamn nice I couldn’t believe it. He told us stories about his son and old girlfriends. I still can’t get over how cool the guy is.




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